Apr. 11th, 2011

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All right, everything below this post belong to other RPGs and has little to do with Route, so feel free to ignore.
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[Soma admittedly was very surprised to wake up next to probably the cutest little hellhound he had ever seen with a backpack, and a place that obviously wasn't Kyoto or the Castle, or even Barcelona. The People in "New Bark Town" wasn't any help so he immediately set out on the road]

You seem intent on following me boy - I'm not sure if I can care for you, but better then ditching you right?

[the pokemon barked in agreement, and was scooped up in one arm as Soma fiddles with the PokeGear with his free hand]

Orthus, Dip - no you're not lame, Garm, Shuck, Yeth... Cerberus? Cerberus works for me. Ah! Here, it's working!

[He gives a bit of a cautious smile as the line opens, occasionally breaking into soft laughter as his Houndour keep nudging his chin with a wet nose]

Stop that! Sorry, Hello anyone out there? I'm Soma Cruz and - I know this may sound strange, but what is exactly going on here? Nice that I somehow got a new pet, but - I didn't appreciate getting spirited away in order to get this guy.

But I'd like to get a summary of what's going on.


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