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Once confessing, Soma bowed as he quickly jotted out of the Church, and glanced about - and caught the glimpse of the tall, dark-haired Arikado who stepped into a cab as he gestured up to the mountains.

So that's it, he thought as he quickly hailed the nearest taxi.

"Sorry if this is a bad cliche, but could you follow that taxi?" The young man gestured as the driver first looked at him with confusion - and then a grin appeared on his face.

"Want me to 'step on it'?" The Corsican grinned, showing a mouth of tar-stained teeth.

"No, just be discreet, please." He clarified as he shut the door.

"Ooooh, you think your lover's meeting someone else, is that it?"

"Wha? No, no - that's not it!" Soma exclaimed with some horror as they turned down and followed up the twisting path. The cabbie simply laughed in response as he smoothly tailed the first taxi. The young man swung his feet as he watched the city grow smaller and smaller with each turn up the mountain until the driver stopped.

"Okay, your friend's should be ahead." The swarthy man held out his hand - and Soma quickly placed a wad of money in his hands and exited out, hurrying up on the trail that lead away from the parking lot. He noted that the other taxi was parked towards the far end, the driver was upon the hood - a fat cigar clamped between his lips.

(What is Arikado doing all the way here?) The young man wondered asked he quickly hopped up the old, worn pathway. The trail might have proved troublesome if Soma wasn't used to the much steeper, usually rain-slicked stairway to the White Horse Shrine. The vegetation was mostly squat Mediterranean trees and thick, stubborn bushes that did not hide the spectacular view of the city and the sparkling blue-green sea topped by gentle white foam, however - the albino did not stop to take in the view.

He stopped at the next turn as he caught the indistinct sound of voices. (He's close, I'm not going to let him slip away next time), Soma tried to slip into the brush as quietly as humanly possible in order to better creep upon the owners. It wasn't too long before Arikado loomed into view, the black coat was removed, revealing a white silk shirt, with the sleeves rolled up - his hands had started to weave a complex pattern in the clear mountain air.

(A spell?) The young man questioned himself as he held still, as words - exotic, but somehow familiar echoed with power, the very air crackled around him. Soma's hair stood up on end from the gathered power as the clouds above darkened. (What the hell?!)

With a cry, Arikado raised his left hand with two fingers pointed up and two pointed folded against his palm as his right hand pointed to a particular spot. Lightning suddenly raced against the sky and leaped from cloud to the spot with a brilliant, blinding light and a destructive force of power that flattened nearby trees and scorched the earth. Yet, the man did not flinch, nor was he harmed by the bizarrely specific strike.

Soma groaned as he picked himself from the ground in which he was thrown to, the dots dancing in his vision as he tried to make sense of it all. Then he stiffen as he touched his fingers to his lips. Did he cry out? Most likely.

"Soma Cruz, stop creeping around like a spider and come out." The cool, dark remarked with no small hint of irritation as the black-haired man retrieved his jacket from a crevice and slipped it on.

(Busted) The albino stood up, even as he still tried to blink away the spots before his eyes. "What the heck did you just do?" He asked as he looked at the spot where the lightning had struck, and noticed that underneath the now scorched grass was a slab of granite with some odd, raised design that was now blackened and rend asunder. Soma was reminded of the seals that Yoko had taught him.

"Destroyed a source of power for those men," came the smooth reply as Arikado raised a brow. "Did I not tell you to stay in Kyoto?"

"Who are those men?" Soma ignored the pointed look as color went to his face at the dismissal. "It's my life - like it or not, I am pretty damn sure I want - no, I need the answers! Keeping me in the dark is not going to protect me."

"The Holy Order of the Moorslayers of Santiago. A group of Catholic Seperaists, Mainly Catalans who blamed the church for the suffering under Franco." The man nodded when Soma gave a sound of disgust at the name of the notorious dictator. "They appropriated an old epithet of the saint to mean any non-Catalan, including the church - especially the Vatican. They had been under suspicion for several violent attacks against the Clergy, and some disappearances of unusual circumstances." The man nodded when Soma gave a sound of disgust at the name of the notorious dictator. "They went deep into the occult, and became interested in many of the enemies of the church."

"Including Dracula." Soma supplied as he brushed off dirt and leaves from himself. "...So they somehow found out about me, and wanted to use me against the church?"

"I do not believe so." There was actually a puzzled look on the taller man's face.

"Wait... you have no idea?"

"I'm sorry, between you and your friends we only received strange and conflicting information. And they had hidden themselves quite well." He stated as he yanked Soma by the arm. "Now, you're going home."
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