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-He's 16, and attends Venture High - but people seem to assume he's in his 20s. (This is for Omegafriends Only. On Memes, he's 19 - like Canon)

-His Father owns a Jewelry Shop (Crooks, take note!), but used to do some globe-trotting, it's how he met Soma's mother.

-He's related to Night King/Dracula (and in turn [personal profile] stinglikeabat Joachim) on his mother's side. She's Catalan, with some Slavic-French ancestry.

-Parents Name: Raymundo and Vera Cruz

-Soma can speak Spanish, but it's heavily accented with some Spanglish thrown in and his grammar is atrocious, takes Japanese as his language Elective, barely knows enough not to get lost.


-Black High-collar cape, he folds the collar down.
-Black Bat-shaped Domino Mask
-White faux-Justacorps coat
-White Pants
-White Boots
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All right, everything below this post belong to other RPGs and has little to do with Route, so feel free to ignore.
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Soma has lost his abilities and had been slowly regaining souls to use at his disposal, this is a list, to be updated semi-regularly:

What Good is Power if you can not use it wisely? )
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A list of wild, off-the-wall theories about the Castlevania Series

Some of these I wrote myself, but most of it is other people's stuff. You get a prize if you figure out which one(s) is(are) mine. This is just for a good laugh or so, though I warn you that TV Tropes can be pretty addictive.
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found a proxy that allows me to go on livejournal guys. Of course, I have to be careful to not get caught using this, so postings will be limited between pass weekends.

next weekend pass times 14th-16th of march, and 28th-30th of march.


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