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Power Sealing

In Dawn of Sorrow, Soma learns how to create magic seals that allows him to cut someone or something off from their source of power. The effect is total, but for the sake of the game, it's temporary. The main purpose of sealing off magic is so Soma could defeat monsters that would otherwise regenerate infinitely.

And if someone gains magical power from simply holding an object, it won't work.

There are five levels of magic seals from One to Five, with Five being used to seal off very high-order demons like Abaddon and Death, and One being an average mage or witch. I estimate a typical Fate-verse Servant would take a Seal level between two and three to work with someone like Gilgamesh and Medea taking a level four.

So please post here with the following:

Player Name
Character Names:
Do they have Magic/Are they a magical species:
Can Soma seal their power temporarily:
If yes, from a rating of One to Five, how strong must the seal be in order for it to Work?
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Soma is an incubus, what does that mean?

He's going to need to suck up sexual energy, but he's still not going to automatically jump everyone's bones, he's got some class. But he'll be much more flirty, less embarrassed about everything sexual - and definitively will "shoot to kill" once he gets his target on someone.

How others react?

Well, some of his physical flaws has been excised, and he got that little "Just been fucked" look going on - something that really can't be described, but one of those You know it when you see it deal.

I originally had him emit lower inhibiting pheromones, but thought that would border on godmodding so I nixed it, but yea - treat him as your pup would for a potentially sexually aggressive character with some looks.

What he can do, but he doesn't realize it is enter the dreams of others (mainly the erotic dreams) and take control. Unless pointed out to him, he won't realize he's doing it. And he sucks out life energy - varying how much by exactly how far he'll go - a kiss would at most tucker someone out.

And he does ring up as a demon on supernatural senses and can be driven off by holy things.

When in the natural Incubus form, his wings are extremely sensitive to the touch.


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