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Name:Soma Cruz
((Role playing journal. Soma Cruz is designed by Ayami Kojima, and is copyrighted to Konami, he is post AoS, and DoS))

I am Soma Cruz, a nineteen year old college student living in Japan, though I am originally from Barcelona in Spain. The year is currently 2036, and I'm currently attending the local uni at Kyoto now, right now I'm studying Psychology, though I'm really not sure about what I'd want to do if I'm going to have a normal life... which, considering who I am, that's pretty unlikely.

Now here's the weird stuff, skip over if you're the type who doesn't believe in this kind of thing.

I'm either Vlad Tepes Dracula, or just a vessel for the Vampire's powers and personality, yea sounds crazy, but it's no joke. You see, the story of Dracula was real, except for the one fact is that Quincey Morris did not slay him permanently, he rose again and rose since the 12th century until 1999, when Julius Belmont slew him for good, leaving the throne empty. The prophecy of Nostradamus seems to claim that I would be the one to take over this throne. So far, I beaten this prophecy, and an attempt to destroy me to make way for a new Dark Lord.

That doesn't mean I can rest easy, it's just always when my Guard is down that something wicked does come this way.

If you find this journal, and it's not in my possession, expect the worst.
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