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Whelp - textbook prices had gone up, and I'm going to need to get some funds up for some tutoring, completely flunked my math semi-final.

Haet Math. HATE it. Hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE. And now it doesn't even look like a word anymore, guess Hamlet is right on that point.

I think my little nestegg from my stint as a Samba waiter and Weapon auctions might hold out a bit longer, but I'm going to need to find a job - and there's not too many for a college-attending foreign-born young man like me in this economy, though the gem that one girl tossed at me at the Sanctuary might help, but I still need a job. Especially if I'm getting gifts for you guys.

In other news, that god damn box-with-beak is still stalking me, will it actually attack me or can it just go away? All this stalking-stalking nonsense is getting irritating.
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He tossed and turned on the bed, the sheets coiled around him like a cocoon that strangled him - restricting his dreaming thrashing.


He was running - long shadows loomed from behind him as the forest seemed to close in around him, branches snapping at his faces, roots curled up as though to trip him up. The rolling mists made direction impossible as he fled from the shadowy creatures, panting and struggling to stay on his feet.

Run, run, run! His mind screamed at him as he stumbled onto the damp moss and rotted leaves - too frightened to even glance back at his pursuers. Their rank breath filled his nostrils - foul heat and decaying bodies, the stink of blood they were monsters and they were stalking towards him. The hair on the back of his neck rose as he could feel their presence - closer then ever as the dark shadows took on distinctive forms. Get up! His mind screamed as his body refused to body, paralyzed by dread.

Finally he dared to glance back - and screamed as red eyes and endless rows of teeth descended upon him as he caught a glimpse of himself watching with Sadistic glee.


The young man jerked as he found himself suspended three inches off the floor, and his arm yanked uncomfortably above his head at a forty-five degree angle. He jerked in the sheets that kept him hanging - shivering in the cold sweat he was soaked in.

Another nightmare? He thought as he twisted and tried to free himself.
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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last month I pulled over and changed [ profile] jmlevitt's flat tire (15 points). In September I turned [ profile] fly_punkbat_fly in for running naked in the mall (3 points). Last Sunday I helped [ profile] wright_idea hide a body (-173 points). In August I committed genocide... Sorry about that, [ profile] gears_of_gold (-5000 points). In October I bought porn for [ profile] truebornbanacek (10 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-5113 points). For Christmas I deserve a spanking!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

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Soma glanced over the page, as he clicked through the links, unconsciously shuddering at the gruesome descriptions. Nevermind the monsters, people can be worse - he thought as he felt a weight on his lap as Salome nudged his hand.

"Sorry kitty," He scratched her ears. "I'm looking up a few things." Soma glanced down. "Think you know anything about a small group of fanatics that love needles?"

The feline hissed in clear displeasure.

"Didn't think so, hope your claws gave him a nasty infection." He pulled her up and gently head butted her, speaking in soft little tones. "That nasty old bastard got what he deserves if he did." Soma grinned as the black cat purred, then batted at his long bangs. "I'm not sure if we're getting anywhere." The young man sighed as he lets her settle back down.


"Even Arikado had no idea who those creeps could be."


"Yea, he doesn't always tell me everything, but you would think he wouldn't hide anything about this. would he?" He pushed away from the desk as he rubbed his neck. Needles, needles....

Like fangs like - He jerked out of his thoughts. "Come on, I'll get us some food, okay?"


Nov. 8th, 2008 01:34 pm
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ooc: I'll do what I can get these are character-revealing prompts, and I'm gonna be nuts to do this.

A scream across the sky )

Unhappy families are unhappy in their own way )

to everyone

Nov. 7th, 2008 05:38 pm
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Apologies for the... uh "Pheromone bomb" in the Sanctuary. In hindsight, I really should have known better then to test my regained abilities in there anyways.

But... I'm really, really confused here. How is it possible that I had - uh, absorbed myself? I'm glad that my Power of Dominance returned - makes it easier to protect my friends here, but it's just... puzzling.

I mentioned this to Yoko and Arikado, and the both of them went cross-eyed trying to figure it out (I... also kind of omitted what happened after my experimentation, that would NOT have ended well).

Not only I got the dubiously useful ability to create a major distraction, I can once again summon my weapons - it feels good to have the Claimh Solaris back in my grasp again. And despite my expectations, this hasn't brought me closer to whatever the hell happened with those Santiago men.

Man, it's just weird these guys seem - I'm just guessing from the name here - to be worshipping the same saint that I was almost named for (Santiago is my middle name, by the by).

So, Bella, Pat - again, I apologize for the mess.

Phoenix and Jono, again - really, really sorry for making you guys uncomfortable during that lol (it seems as an Incubus I had a *ahem* thing for making people squirm. Sorry).
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Comment here and ask me any question you want, I promise to answer truthfully no matter what it is.--But only one!

And then you have to post the same offer to your own journal.
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Soma Pinpoints into a nearby alleyway. His mood immediately improves upon being away from that absurdly tense situation in the sanctuary - what the hell was with Changeling? The young man wondered as he stepped out into the cool rain as he eyed the pale blue Kanji that glowed against the black stone, a few people milling about waiting to get into The Storm Front. A girl in a sparkling electric blue dress with transparent, silvery sleeves was shamelessly flirting with the red-clad man at the door, only to be deterred and sent stomping towards a parked Taxi.

He had been here a time or two back in High School when his very 'Gaijin-ness' gave him an advantage into fooling the Bouncers into believing he was old enough. Honestly - far as places to go, it wasn't quite a free-for-all dive like Freehold or The Chamber, so he wasn't in danger of getting a switchblade to his throat, but classy would not be the word to describe it. A part of him smiled at the image of some wannabe thug pinning him to the wall...

[Chill out.] He strolled right up, passing the milling group, and eyed the man in the red suit, and he briefly wondered how much the man was paid to wear that awful uniform. He grinned wolfishly as he saw his reflection in the silvery shades. "Good evening." He only received a grunt in reply - though it's hard to tell with the eyes veiled. "It's a little cold out here - so... I was wondering," The young man purred as he slipped closer, he could feel the sudden tension in the air, "if there's a way that I could step inside... and shed this heavy coat, and get a little heated, I would be very appreciative." His tongue poked out, briefly touching his pales lips.

The bouncer jerked, caught completely off-guard. He pulled down his shades, revealing dark blue eyes that seemed to search for any sign of false flattery. With a quiet grunt, he forced the door open, subjecting everyone within a block radius to blaring, thrumming music as Soma slipped inside. Well, that was easy - he thought as he scanned the crowd.

It was a mixture of 20-somethings, and teenagers that successfully bluffed their way past the bouncers. The bass was so heavy that he could feel it in his blood as he sauntered past little bristo tables, and watched as a few heads turned as he slipped the rain slicker off his pale shoulders, revealing a black sleeveless top, and a choker. Soma unconsciously clasp the small dragon that hung from the choker as he noticed a young woman at the bar that was drinking by herself.

[Just a kiss] He reminded himself as he sidled up to the bar, not right next to her, but a seat away. "Nice Jacket," He called out - just enough to be heard over the music.

She turned and started when she saw the person addressing her. "Oh... thanks, what are you doing here?" The young woman twirled a strand of brown hair around her finger-tip as she plucked the olive from her martini glass.

"Getting out of the rain," He answered as he waved off the bartender. "And letting myself get warmed up before I hit the floor."
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My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
soma_crucifix goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as A Prince.
1in_perfection gives you 15 yellow chocolate-flavoured gumdrops.
bishie_beastboy gives you 2 mottled green pineapple-flavoured gumdrops.
fly_punkbat_fly gives you 7 purple apple-flavoured gummy bats.
ghostshield tricks you! You get a wet rag.
jmlevitt gives you 8 orange evil-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
psi_flames gives you 8 purple grape-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
shard_bishop gives you 12 tan mint-flavoured pieces of chewing gum.
thirteencrows gives you 4 milky white lime-flavoured nuggets.
truebornbanacek gives you 4 white blueberry-flavoured nuggets.
turnabout_fey gives you 1 teal cherry-flavoured gumdrops.
soma_crucifix ends up with 61 pieces of candy, and a wet rag.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

...Why am I not surprised? Hm-hm... perhaps I should give some treats in return.


Oct. 20th, 2008 07:25 pm
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Oh my god!


I can't believe how badly I been needing it. Nearly - oh boy, I told Mina not to come near me, it's not a good idea the way I am. O.o and uh...

yea - someone got me a pack of condoms are a joke for High School Graduation, I'm SHOCK, and I mean SHOCKED that they last this long.

*sigh* least if I get stupid, I'll be safe doing it.
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Soma is an incubus, what does that mean?

He's going to need to suck up sexual energy, but he's still not going to automatically jump everyone's bones, he's got some class. But he'll be much more flirty, less embarrassed about everything sexual - and definitively will "shoot to kill" once he gets his target on someone.

How others react?

Well, some of his physical flaws has been excised, and he got that little "Just been fucked" look going on - something that really can't be described, but one of those You know it when you see it deal.

I originally had him emit lower inhibiting pheromones, but thought that would border on godmodding so I nixed it, but yea - treat him as your pup would for a potentially sexually aggressive character with some looks.

What he can do, but he doesn't realize it is enter the dreams of others (mainly the erotic dreams) and take control. Unless pointed out to him, he won't realize he's doing it. And he sucks out life energy - varying how much by exactly how far he'll go - a kiss would at most tucker someone out.

And he does ring up as a demon on supernatural senses and can be driven off by holy things.

When in the natural Incubus form, his wings are extremely sensitive to the touch.
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Nick, Jono...

I think I remember a little of what happened during my time in Barcelona.
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Again, I seem to be following the leader on this:

A list of things that may or may not be true )

Meme time!

Aug. 10th, 2008 03:54 pm
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I am on the band wagon, post a response, and see what Soma thinks of you.
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Say guys, about the other night in the Sanctuary?

I'm really, really sorry for acting like an immature little brat and taking my anger out on everyone. I hope I didn't cause any lasting harm.

I think I am over my... what was that word? Funk?
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"What do you think?" Soma asked as he set the scissors down. The two familiars peered up at their master, and took stock of his wavy chin-length hair, and long wispy bangs.

The cat shook her head violently, while the Firelizard chirped an approval.

(Who'd thought a simple haircut can do a lot for one's mood?) The young man laughed at the obvious disagreement. "Least it's better then when I came in, god - that must've been twenty pounds of hair at least!" With that, he scooped up Salome, and stroked under her front legs - a gesture he would never do in public.

Because everyone knows he hates cats, and nothing should make them think otherwise!

Richter balanced himself onto the albino's shoulder, and noted that the white hair is no longer the proper length for a cat to chew on. "Meep?" He nudged, basking in the feline's purr of contentment, and the fact his master no longer was a violent tempest of suppressed rage and open sorrow fighting to get out and explode at someone.

"Come on, I got some people to apologize to," He smiled - genuinely this time. (And some people to thank, especially Mia).

"Mew!" "Chirrrp!"
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Soma stared at the PocketPAL in hand, caressing it's smooth, plastic green surface before he pulled out the ear piece. Once nestled comfortably, the albino tapped a corner, and leaned back as he could ear the dial tone, part of him hoped that the one he's hoping to catch wasn't at home.

"God, please..." He murmured - his breath caught in his throat as a click cut off the dialing.

"Hola?" A female contralto questioned, her voice - even with the impact of distance and the nebulous quality of the audio, sounded crisp and alert.
"This is the Cruz residence, Raimundo is currently not available, this is Vera speaking."

"Mami," He whispered shakingly as he switched to Spanish automatically. "I'm sorry if I done anything wrong while I was there, and I'm sorry I didn't call when I came back to Japan..." Soma clutched the device so tightly that what little color there was in his blood soon drained to parts elsewhere.

He could hear her voice crack, and could picture her cheek becoming stained by tears as his own heart sank from guilt. "Soma Santiago Cruz!" Even over six thousand miles seperated the two, Soma instinctively stood at attention, and straightened up at the use of his full name. "How could you make me worry so much! Since that row with your father... I know you two never got along, but it tears me up when you two punish me for the other's actions." His mother rambled even as she tried to keep the collected voice. "I know you most certainly do not mean to do it, but it hurts so much when you refuse to visit, refuse to call except at strange hours to be sure you would not deal with him. 'tiago, please, tell me what's wrong, you didn't call for no reason I can tell. I am your mother, you can trust me.

Mother, I wish I could tell you - the young man thought bitterly as he choked back a sob. There are no amount of apologies in the world that could make up for what he done, Soma thought as he sighed. "Mami, I wish I can explain, but it's so jumbled up in my head. I hate lying, especially to you, but I cannot explain most of what's going on. It's like the last few months are gone from me, since I got the news about Uncle Felipe - it's a blur, I'm... I'm just lost." The tears came unbidden as his shoulders shook. "It just doesn't make sense - why me? Everything bad seem to happen to me, Mama, everything!"

"Soma, oh honey, don't cry. Things will get better, you know they will. God has a plan for everything, and I am sure despite all the terrible luck you been having that he has something great in mind." Her voice was as comforting as a hand gently stroking his hair. "If you need anything, you know I am always a call away, anything at all.

"Thank you, thank you."
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A list of wild, off-the-wall theories about the Castlevania Series

Some of these I wrote myself, but most of it is other people's stuff. You get a prize if you figure out which one(s) is(are) mine. This is just for a good laugh or so, though I warn you that TV Tropes can be pretty addictive.
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Why do I feel so scared?

I was not in danger during the last two weeks, but I am *so* scared, though.

I am frightened of the idea that my friends were hurt, that they were being deceived, they were getting killed, that they were trapped. They were in danger...

Yet, I'm the one that's shaking even though it's over for them.

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