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Player Name: Shini
Player Contact: same as Kuja’s app
Characters you have in the game: Kuja

Character Name: Soma Cruz aka “Kresnik”
Character Canon: Castlevania

Canon Background:
Omegafriends Background: The Night King was an ancient and terrifying Vampire Lord who embraced all the trappings of Supervillainy when superheroes came into being. What is known that he has a terrible hatred of all of humanity and plotted their downfall time and time again – always seem to come back from what should’ve been lethal scenarios for him. That is – until he suddenly died off three months before the game’s timeline – apparently for real.

What is little known that he had mortal wives, and had children with them centuries ago. Soma Cruz is one of his descendants, and did not realize it until one day he’s suddenly yanked off the streets into the offices of the demon lawyers Dewey Cheatum and Howe and presented with an aged trunk, and a will – declaring him the sole heir of The Night King and everything in the trunk is his to do as he pleases.

So he does what every teenager would do in the situation – become a superhero! He picked the name of Kresnik, the mythical “Shaman of White” who battles the evil vampire Kudlak.
Personality: Soma Cruz is for the most part a gentle young man who zealously protects his friends, and cares deeply for people. Far as the game states, he has few friends, but he is dead loyal to those he has and they know he got their back no matter how dangerous the situation is. This caring nature can lead him to extreme recklessness – he will tend to refuse help because he doesn’t want to be a burden, and he tends to leap before he look, landing into much more trouble than if he had actually trust his friends. The young man also has a chivalrous streak, becoming enraged if any girl gets hurt in front of him, no matter how well he knows the person, for example becoming enraged at Graham for attacking Yoko and feeling guilt for not getting to her in time even though it was impossible for him to stop it.

With those he’s close to, he can be a complete dork, quick to laugh, and just as quick to be embarrassed by teasing. Even when he’s humiliated, he doesn’t snap back, suggesting he has a calm temperament and doesn’t take himself too seriously. In Dawn of Sorrow, he demonstrates a slight sarcastic streak, aimed primarily at the resident goofball (and merchant) Hammer, so he can tease just as well as Yoko or Mina, but generally chooses not to. Soma also shows moments that reveal he has a good sense of empathy, able to accurately guess the reason that Julius ditched Yoko at the castle gates and convey in a way that she could understand (she still didn’t like it, but now knew why).

Soma is rather on the naïve side, generally trusting people immediately if they don’t act openly hostile or suspicious. When they betray his trust, he becomes upset, not just at the person, but at himself for being fooled by them – and does not forgive them easily. However, despite how many times he may get his trust displaced, he’s still quick to assume the best of people, being a generally optimistic young man.

As his power in this universe comes from bloodline rather than soul-eating, he does have the ambivalence towards it like he does in canon. In fact, he quite enjoys all his abilities (though the bone toss just weirds him out), and sees no reason not to show off – though he does get offended if people confuse him for an actual vampire.

Powers: Without magic, Soma’s as strong as a typical high school-level athlete, and will attack with punches, kicks and throws, he’s not afraid to pull dirty moves such as throwing dirt if he has to.

Initially with the exception of Witch’s Barrier, Bat Familiar and Bone Toss, all of Soma’s powers comes from the Night King’s gear – but it does unlock his magical potential which will manifest later in play. “The Power of Dominance” as it’s rendered in this game is that once he beats a monster into submission, he can force it to surrender a fraction of power to him, giving him new abilities based on the monster’s ability (a mermaid might allow him to breathe underwater for example), he can only use up to three abilities at a time and can keep them active for no longer than two hours. As powers are gained, they will be detailed in his journal.

Witch’s Barrier: A Weak shield that can block up to five non-magical attacks before it breaks. Magic and things designed to null magic can break through it easily.

Bat Familiar: As it says, he can summon a little bat to follow him around, harass his foes, and scout out an area for him. These are quite ordinary bats with no special powers of their own.

Axe Pull: He can summon an axe from nowhere and toss it – he can do it indefinitely and as his power grows, so does the size of the axe. No one knows where they come from or why he can only summon axes.

The Artifacts of the Night King (anyone with magical powers or vampiric blood can use these items):

-Twilight Cloak: When wearing it, Soma can transform into a small, white bat. He change shapes in an instant, allowing him for quick maneuverability, squeezing into small spaces and long-distance travel.

-Ebony Stone: It can create a large area of complete and unchanging nighttime around it (outside it’d show the celestial bodies as it would be if the sun was down, indoors it’s just pitch-darkness) – about the size of a 10x12 room – more powerful vampires can increase the range. Thankfully the person who holds the stone can see perfectly in the darkness. As one can imagine, this is a very desirable artifact for non-daywalking vampires.

-Crimson Orb: So far, all it seemed to do is activate Soma’s magic, but he gets such a bad feeling from it that he keeps it locked up. It’s eventually going to be involved in a future plot where the Night King tries to take over his body. It has the soul of a dead vampire inside, and seems to empower vampires.


Notes: As noted above, I’d like to eventually run a future plot involving the night king temporarily taking over Soma’ body.


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