Feb. 25th, 2009

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From [livejournal.com profile] gears_of_gold

Give me permission, and I throw out five words to you and you write what they mean to you. And you can do the same to me.

Here's mine from Bella:

Coat: Pretty distinctive, isn't it? It's the first coat I bought with my own money that my father didn't have a say in it's purchase. And I think because I wore it when my powers were awakened, it had absorbed some of the energy. No matter what happens, it always repairs itself.

Vampire I'm Drac reincarnated, so vampires and me are pretty inevitable. I know there's a few good ones out there, being this is the nexus and all - but I'm a little cautious, especially since I seem to be a magnet for them. And the other stuff... well.

Sword I like swords. But seriously, when I was forced to rely on something other then a pen knife I went through God-knows how many weapons, and I found that the swords work for me, followed by spears if I need the extra reach. An axe doesn't balance well in my hand, and a club and mace seems, I don't know too brutal. And knuckle dusters? No way am I getting that close to a Basilisk!

White I know most people wonder why I wear so much white considering I am an albino. I like the color, it's the color of snow, doves - a tradition of purity in the Western World. Though it's also death in the Eastern Tradition, so I guess that doubles as an intimidation factor. It helps me mentally stand out from the monsters.

Language My best subject. I am fluent in English, Japanese, and Spanish - the latter being my native tongue. Language can be beautiful, how you can express yourself in many ways. It sounds weird, but there's a bit of personality in the different languages - English is rough but expressive, fluid and adaptive, Japanese is layered and song-like, subtle and hidden, Spanish - call me bias, it's passionate, it's strong. I'd honestly like to learn to speak more languages in the future.

From [livejournal.com profile] aureliaofarista

White Got a repeat.

Hot Uh... well, guess I might be. I admit I got some leftover self-esteem issues from childhood, not to mention the whole 'catholic guilt complex'.

Glamorous I'm not sure what to think, it's flattering, but I kind of think of the word as feminine. Though I will wholly admit I get my fashion tastes from old Hollywood styles.

Eastern I lived in Japan off and on since I was a kid. My Uncle Fran used to work as a translator for a company. I pretty much assimilated myself into the culture.

Spaniard. I lived in Barcelona for most of my young life. It's beautiful, it's warm - with the beautiful sea and an unique style of buildings. I heard Nick didn't like Discordia - bah on him! Even though I live in Japan full-time, I am still proud of my hertiage.


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