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Name: Soma Cruz
Canon: Castlevania Series
Age: 19
Timeline: Dawn of Sorrow: Just after his power reawakens
If playing another character from the same canon, how will you deal with this?: N/A

Personality: Soma Cruz is for the most part a gentle young man who zealously protects his friends, and cares deeply for people. Far as the game states, he has few friends, but he is dead loyal to those he has and they know he got their back no matter how dangerous the situation is. This caring nature can lead him to extreme recklessness – he will tend to refuse help because he doesn’t want to be a burden, and he tends to leap before he look, landing into much more trouble than if he had actually trust his friends. The young man also has a chivalrous streak, becoming enraged if any girl gets hurt in front of him, no matter how well he knows the person, for example becoming enraged at Graham for attacking Yoko and feeling guilt for not getting to her in time even though it was impossible for him to stop it.

With those he’s close to, he can be a complete dork, quick to laugh, and just as quick to be embarrassed by teasing. Even when he’s humiliated, he doesn’t snap back, suggesting he has a calm temperament and doesn’t take himself too seriously. In Dawn of Sorrow, he demonstrates a slight sarcastic streak, aimed primarily at the resident goofball (and merchant) Hammer, so he can tease just as well as Yoko or Mina, but generally chooses not to. Soma also shows moments that reveal he has a good sense of empathy, able to accurately guess the reason that Julius ditched Yoko at the castle gates and convey in a way that she could understand (she still didn’t like it, but now knew why).

Soma is rather on the naïve side, generally trusting people immediately if they don’t act openly hostile or suspicious. When they betray his trust, he becomes upset, not just at the person, but at himself for being fooled by them – and does not forgive them easily. However, despite how many times he may get his trust displaced, he’s still quick to assume the best of people, being a generally optimistic young man.

But optimism doesn’t translate to stupidity. Though he wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but he knew that Arikado was hiding something from him (and thus why he didn’t trust Arikado immediately). When he does eventually discover the truth behind his power, he would realize that there is a chance of failure, and thus will demand a promise from Julius Belmont to slay him if he were to ever turn evil (and recognizes when the Belmont was going easy on him).

When it comes to his powers – he mostly hates it, since it is soul stealing, and a sign of the person he used to be. But on a subconscious level, he enjoys the power and control it gives him and this terrifies him – though perhaps not so self-consciously, since after the end of Aria of Sorrow, he told Mina that being Dracula’s reincarnation made him ‘cooler’. While he is willing to misuse it on a small-scale if it makes things better for himself and others, he is well aware of the consequences and extracted a promise from Julius to kill him if he ever falls completely to the dark side.

While not much is given, it’s easy to infer that while he is not a native to japan, he has been in the region long enough to make a lifelong friend in Mina.

Abilities: Soma is shown to be quite proficient with several melee weapons from axes to whip-swords and everything in between, but generally prefers to use bastard swords and lances as his primary weapon.

The most important, and potentially the most dangerous power he has is known as The Power of Dominance, also described as the power to rule. As Dracula was the lord of all that bumped in the night, and a proficient sorcerer, Soma inherited the ability to use the powers of monsters as his own. Whenever he kills a monster, there is a chance that he can take their soul, and in essence, equip it to use their unique powers. Due to limitations, he can only use three souls at a time plus a 4th passive soul type that gives him movement-based ability: A “Bullet” or attack soul, a Guardian soul that either creates barriers or familiars, and an Ability Soul that gives passive buffs to his abilities.

He will soon learn how to create magic seals, which when activated can sever a supernatural creature or spellcaster from their source of magic, or break magically-created barriers. The more powerful the opposing magic, the more elaborate the seal he needs.

As the Power of Dominance strengthens with monsters he slays, the list of abilities he has will get longer with each canon update.

Right now he just has the ability to magically produce bones to throw, summon a one-shot spear use, and some small ability to increase his durability. (Skeleton, Spear Knight and Golem soul) - total list of possible souls.

First Person:

Third Person: Soma always had mixed feelings about some of his powers. As he sprang off the clock tower, he spread his arms out and in a millisecond they became leathery wings as his body warped into the form of a small, white bat.

Instincts that he shouldn’t have then took over, his form banked to the left to catch a favorable wind. Contrary to popular belief, most bats aren’t blind – including whichever species Soma currently inhabits, it is that for most they work solely in deep darkness and lacked the ability to track movement as well as a human’s. Sound is the primary sense.

The change of senses had always been disorienting, and even nauseous if he wasn’t feeling the best. The small size kept him from defending himself from even an ordinary – OWL!

He let out a surprised squeak and divebombed before swerving into an alleyway to avoid the creature. His tiny heart leapt up to his throat as he kept low to the ground, as he constantly let out a small squeak, weary of any more threats to his tiny form.

As dangerous as it was – perhaps in spite of it, he didn’t mind the small bat he turned into, there is a freedom in flight that is hard to describe. Not the very least that he could pretend that his problems are far, far away and someone else has to deal with it, not him.

Now – then, to get back to the original reason he changed… where was that creature?


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