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After discussing things with Phoenix, he went against common sense and jumped into investigative mode. The young man had the coordinates set to where Yoko had said she got the call from.

The question is, can he find Arikado if Arikado does not want to be found? And can he keep from being spotted? Soma adjusted the baseball cap over the light, honey-brown wig.

He still look extremely pale, but he was sure with the change of clothes (a colorful World Cup jersey over a green t-shirt and a faded denim jacket over that) on top of the wig that he would not be immediately recognisable. With a tap of the button he shimmered out of sight.

The South of France was warmer then Kyoto, and it was drizzling lightly when he appeared under a bridge. There should be enough people who know Spanish or English to allow him to get by, the young man told himself to stave off the nervous knot that formed in his stomach from being in a strange land by his lonesome. Once he summoned the courage, he stuck his hands in his pockets, he pushed off into the streets of Bastia, his shoulders slumped - trying to look inconspicious.

Someone as tall and striking as Genya should stick out amongst the sun-kissed natives and tourists in loud shirts. Soma had to admit he was 'attractive', and pondered about asking the vendors about him when he noticed the attractive church with two dome-capped belltowers upon a hill.

"Huh..." He glanced up, neck craned as the bells started to ring - two o' clock. Maybe he checked in there? The young man wondered as he started to run in that direction.


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