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Soma has lost his abilities and had been slowly regaining souls to use at his disposal, this is a list, to be updated semi-regularly:

Incubus - Pheromone Bomb, good for causing a distraction, provided he gets the hell out of there soon after.
Bakeneko - He can scale walls as long as there's small enough crevices to get his fingertips in - he can even down it while upside down. Not that he likes doing the last bit.
Yamabiko - An echoing being, it provides a sonar-like ability, mainly to detect hidden walls.
Wraith - able to leave his body in a spirit form, being able to walk through walls and interact with the spirit world in general. he has to be careful not to stay out too long or stray too far from his body, or he'll die.
JorĊgumo - This is the webbing ability, creating webs to slow/trap foes - of varying thicknesses.
Thunderbird - This should be self-explanatory, able to fire off arcs of electricity from his fingertips, or channel it through his weapons.
Aloja - allows for the ability to hold one's breath underwater for exactly ten minutes.
Dip - summons a black dog to attack foes.
Waira - prodigious strength, able to lift a man the same weight as he is over his head, and toss him about eight feet.


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